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Washin Chair

Item #       DC-30-303-38


Made in Canada

Choice of Metal and Upholstery

They say you’re all about living large. Yes, and then some! You like space. Style. Sparkle. Leather. Metal. Crystals. Letting it shine, letting it gleam, letting it all go. Safe in your own personal sanctuary you’re swaddled in elegance and refinement. Your life is like a movie. Go on, admit it, you’d love to be in pictures! Glam chic, that’s so you. Our New York style is the only one that suits you to a T! 

•  Ultra-sturdy steel frame
•  Well-cushioned seat

Assembly:  Required

Finishes available :24 Magnetite / DA Ink
75 Cobrizo / DD Stratus



  • W 18 1/4"
  • D 22 3/4"
  • H 34"
  • S 18 1/4"