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9008 Recliner Sofa Set

Item #       SS-9008-17


Made In Canada

Life Time Warranty on Reclining Mechanism & Frame

Available in Different Configurations Includes Sofa, Love Seat & Chair

Available in All Aniline Leather, Leather Match & Fabric.

Choice of Colors & Grades in Fabric & Leather.

Sofa:  90.5" L x 37.5" D x 40.5"H
Loveseat:  67.5" L x 37.5" D x 40.5"H
Chair:  44" L x 37.5" D x 40.5"H


•   Motorized Lift Chair (1 Motor)
•   Motorized Lift Chair (2 Motors)
•   Motorized Recliner
•   Motorized rocker recliner
•   Power Pack
•   Recliner
•   Rocker recliner
•   Swivel rocker recliner


•   Dual Reclining Loveseat
•   Dual Rocker Reclining Loveseat
•   Motorized Dual Reclining Loveseat
•   Motorzied Dual Rocker Reclining Loveseat
•   Power Pack
•   Stationary option


•   Drawer
•   Motorized Reclining Sofa
•   Power Pack
•   Reclining Sofa
•   Stationary option



  • All the backs are removable for better mobility.
  • Development of the lock for the removable backs was done in-house.


  • 100% new polyester fibre.
  • Curled fibre for a better resiliency, so it retains its shape longer (6 ripples per inch).
  • Silicone treated to avoid fibres bunching up together.
  • Fibre is empty like a straw to allow air to flow through for more abundance.
  • No recycled fibre is used because resiliency is not as good.


  • Superior construction grade spruce plywood which is dried better and doesn’t warp or crack.
  • We combine materials and make choices according to the application to ensure strength and durability of the furniture. The wood pieces systematically interlock during the assembly process which creates a strong, reinforced structure.
  • In the areas of the frame that need to withstand more pressure, we use TimberStrand®. It’s an engineered wood currently used to make “H” beams in houses because of its strength. Doesn’t change with variations in humidity and temperature.
  • Our frames have a “L” shaped piece that joints the back of the arm to the seat. This piece stops the pivot point on that joint and reinforces the frame.


Leggett & Platt is the world leader in this 6 billion $ industry. We work in co-development with them.

  • Exclusivity on the design of the mechanism.
  • The constant evolution of the design of the mechanism to enhance performance, fluidity and function.
  • Manufactured in the United States, we invest a little more money to get a thicker grade of metal, therefore a better quality and durability for our mechanism.
  • The usage of self-tapping screws reduces the risk of loose connections because they actually bite into the metal.
  • Adjustable legs on rocking chairs.
  • Swivel bases available on most rocking chairs.


  • High quality foam (Density = 2.05 lb/ft3). The competition uses foams that vary from 1.5 to 1.9 lb/ft3.
  • The compression of the foam is the equivalent of flexibility and comfort (33-38 lb/in2) average 36 lb/in2.
  • Our foam is pre-crushed which allows it to have better comfort upon reception of the furniture.
  • We use high quality No Sag springs with a metal rod linking all of them for better weight distribution.
  • Felt is installed between the springs and the foam to lengthen their life expectancy.


  • Swivel base available on most of our rocker recliners at a minimal cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • The swivel base allows the chair to rotate 360 degrees or 160 degrees for our motorized recliners.


Our warranty covers the repair (Labor / 1-year) or replacement of parts due to manufacturing or material defects for the original purchaser only.


  • Reclining mechanism
  • Frame
  • Wood Parts
  • Swivel base
  • Springs


  • Leather covering
  • Combination leather/vinyl covering
  • Motor parts
  • Electric motor


  • Labour
  • Fabric covering
  • Vinyl covering
  • Foam
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Inspection charges
  • Shipping charges on parts
  • Any other unspecified parts