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Buxton Cherry

Item #       BUXTON CHERRY

Our Buxton Cherry begins with premium solid Black Cherry, widely considered one of the finest materials for building handcrafted furniture. The natural beauty of Black Cherry wood comes from the unique markings and colour variations present in every harvested tree. The inner core or “Heartwood” provides a high content of dark reddish-brown wood with minimal mineral deposits and white sapwood. We carefully select our Buxton Cherry with special attention to ensuring colour consistency. All stain choices are formulated to specifically highlight the beauty of this prized hardwood. It’s important to note that solid Cherry will darken further over time to develop a deep, rich patina. “Mineral Deposits” (small black flecks present in the grain), are the result of tiny amounts of sap that were stored in the tree as it grew. These marks do not diminish the strength or quality of the wood, but further add to its’ uniqueness.